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About Us

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Just outside of Tea, SD you will find Specialized Machine in a new 10,000 square foot building. We are a dedicated full service CNC Machine Shop serving the Electronics, Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Industrial, Agriculture, and Robotics industries.

Founded in 2002 by Chad Ulvestad, Specialized Machine steadily grew by providing an honest and ethical approach to the machining industry. Adding state of the art equipment and skilled machinists expanded our capabilities and provided flexibility to continue meeting customer requirements. We take pride in our personal service, open and responsive communication, trustworthiness, and quality work.

Chad Ulvestad graduated from SD School of Mines and Technology with a Mechanical Engineering degree and has worked in the Tool & Die and Machining industries throughout his professional career. He is living his dream by owning his own business, building his team of highly skilled and experienced machinists, and sharing his knowledge and time with school programs focused on manufacturing.

The culture at Specialized Machine provides a solid foundation to grow customer relationships. You are in good hands with Specialized Machine. We make it easy to do business with us.

Here are some questions to think about when reviewing your existing suppliers:

  • How does a late shipment affect you?
    • Does it result in production delays?
    • Does it result in unbudgeted overtime?
    • Does it result in other expedite fees or expedited shipping costs?
  • What’s the true cost of quality to you?
    • Does poor quality delay your production schedule?
    • Does it consume other resources, such as Engineering, that could be working on more productive tasks?
    • How are future sales affected by a quality failure in the field?
  • Won’t it cost more to outsource than to do it internally?
    • Do you have the proper equipment to machine the part internally?
    • How is the quality with the internal process?
    • Does the quality cause more problems in subsequent operations?
    • If you consider lost labor time at all stages, what’s the true cost of the part?
    • Can your existing labor be better utilized doing something else?
  • What other Value added services do you get?
    • Are critical dimensions nominal, or just in tolerance?
    • Do you get suggestions on cost savings?
    • Do you get print or tolerance errors pointed out, before the parts are made?
    • Do you get help during initial Design stages, to reduce cost and time?



Here's what some of our customers are saying:

The spindle pins look awsome! You really did a great job on these. Thanks!” - Aftermarket Automotive Customer

Our QC guy finished inspecting that first run of front panels. He commented about the parts by stating that every dimension he’s seen on Specialized Machine’s parts has been right in spec. He has not seen anything more than .001-.002” from nominal.” – Supplier of Electronic Test Equipment

Thank you for all of your help in getting this new product launched. The parts look great!” - Medical Supplier

You rock!” – Industrial Equipment Supplier